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Pramisoft Solutions is a Minority Women owned organization based in New Jersey. The key element of Pramisoft is the team of highly qualified and experienced software professionals trained constantly on the latest technologies with more than 40 years of combined experience in delivering high quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.
Supply Chain Management

PRAMISOFT is committed to helping you build effective supply chains that enable them to adapt innovatively to changing conditions, seize opportunities and achieve high performance. Supply chain management is adding pressure on enterprises to not only broaden their perspective on where they sit in the grand scheme of commerce...

Rapidly changing globally competitive market places have forced organizations to critically evaluate the performance of their supply chain. With our rich experience in Supply Chain Management (SCM) combined with in-depth understanding of associated technologies, we can assist you streamline and optimize your supply chain processes including purchasing, in and out-bound logistics, warehouse management and demand management.
Our end-to-end SCM solution consulting and implementation services allows you to assess, bench-mark, optimize and sustain processes across every aspect of your supply chain starting from procurement to order delivery. The major benefits include delivery performance improvements, inventory reduction, shortening of fulfillment cycle time, accurate forecasting, capacity utilization & productivity gains and finally reduced supply chain costs.

Our SCM consulting & implementation services adopt the following four-step methodology:

·          Assess and analyze your current supply chain processes vis-à-vis competition and industry best practices to arrive at an SCM plan specific to your organization.

·          Configure supply chain processes within your and your suppliers’ organizations, on the basis of the SCM plan.

·          Iteratively fine-tune performances, practices, processes and system configuration elements as per desired goals and performance matrices established earlier.

·          Post implementation support.

PRAMISOFT is committed to helping you build effective supply chains that enable them to adapt innovatively to changing conditions, seize opportunities and achieve high performance.

In the twenty-first century your customers are global, and so are your suppliers—and many of your suppliers’ suppliers. Your customers are not only in more places, they’re also more knowledgeable, more demanding, and using more channels to do business with you than ever before. We, at L&T Infotech, were quick to realize this trend and are now focused on bringing together a GLOBAL SCM system, which supports a variety of systems that support a wider supply chain.

In a business where supply chain could be the only truly sustainable competitive advantage, your supply chain determines your reactive agility and your proactive momentum, your cost of materials and efficiency of operations, the quality and consistency of your goods and services, and your ability to provide value-added services and meet unique customer needs.

Research has shown that companies with well-managed, innovative, relationship-focused, procurement practices outperform other companies in financial terms (total shareholder return, return on equity, return on assets, cash flow and return on investment, EVA, reduction in working capital) and in productivity terms (sales per employee, income per employee and real growth in sales).

Traditionally, the phrase Supply Chain Management meant assembly lines, warehouses, truckers and time sheets. Earlier, manufacturers had the luxury of taking years to develop, market and sell their products. Back then, there were few variations in packaging and in the products themselves.

In only a few years, the very fundamentals of manufacturing in virtually every industry has changed. Changes have taken place in the relationships between producers of primary products, manufacturers and retailers. Companies are looking at how to provide greater flexibility in moving parts globally. In a quest for greater efficiency and lower costs, there's been growing importance given to managing the supply chain effectively for the benefit of all parties.

The traditional vision of Supply Chain management (SCM) represents only one dimension of a business environment that is growing increasingly multidimensional. Modern day Supply Chain Management is the e-Commerce of manufacturing.

And the good news is that Supply Chain optimization isn't a big-bang undertaking like the enterprise resource planning (ERP) installations of recent years.

What is SCM?

Supply chain management - delivering the right product to the right place, at the right time and at the right price - is one of the most powerful engines of business transformation. It is one of the leading cost saving and revenue enhancement strategies in use today.

At the end of the continuum of trends that started off from Business Process Reengineering, Total Quality Management and ERP that have all addressed only the inner workings of an Organization, SCM aims at integrating the company's internal systems to those of its suppliers, partners and customers.
Technologies such as the Internet, electronic data interchange, transportation and warehouse management software, including software that manages plant scheduling, demand forecasting, procurement, make SCM a versatile strategy to adopt.

Why e- SCM?

Supply chain has been viewed as an inflexible series of events that somehow managed to get products out the door. It often involved questionable inventory forecasts, rigid manufacturing plans and hypothetical shipping schedules.
The Internet has changed all that. It has transformed this old-fashioned process into something closer to an exact science. An Internet-enabled supply chain helps companies

·          avoid costly disasters

·          reduce administrative overhead

·          reduce unnecessary inventory (thereby increasing working capital)

·          decrease the number of hands that touch goods on their way to the end customer

·          eliminate obsolete business processes

·          reap cost-cutting and revenue-producing benefits

·          speed up production and responsiveness to consumers

·          garner higher profit margins on finished goods

Effective integration of an Organizations supply chain can save millions, improve customer service and reduce inventories.

The key to getting optimum value out of automating your supply chain is to make sure you have your internal systems working well before you start extending them out over the Internet.


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