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Pramisoft Solutions is a Minority Women owned organization based in New Jersey. The key element of Pramisoft is the team of highly qualified and experienced software professionals trained constantly on the latest technologies with more than 40 years of combined experience in delivering high quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.
Sales Force Automation

PRAMISOFT recognizes the unique needs of distributed Sales Force operations. Our global focus and client roster has put PRAMISOFT into the forefront of developing solutions that connect, inform and support the mobile sales force

The Internet would never change the fact that people are at the heart of every profitable business and they are the one's that make the difference. Very true indeed, but the chastened dot com world of today clearly shows us that a business that leverages an online presence can benefit from speedy, crisp and reliable execution.

Sometimes, we are all so engrossed in executing our traditional businesses that we lose sight of what's happening elsewhere. Like on the Net. Moving business to the web can give a business that all-important shot in the arm as far as balancing supply and demand. This article talks about a sales force automation (SFA) product that one of our partners developed.

What technology do you need to become an effective salesman?

With almost any kind of information available on the web, customers today are well equipped with knowledge about any business and therefore ask for visibility in all transactions. Five years ago, a customer who called in about a sales inquiry would expect a reply in about 24 hours, but today, a customer would expect the same reply in about 2-3 hours. This means immediate online access to each customer's account information and also a means to transmit documents to customers right away. Without the Internet, none of this will be possible.

Sales persons are looking for heterogeneous information from multiple sources made available in a compact, easily navigable way to make quick decisions on the field. At the same time, ensuring information consistency, security at user and transactional level is mandatory for confidential corporate information exchange.

One of our development partners has developed an application called Mobile Application Framework (MAF), which ensures rapid application development and easy customization. Well designed navigational and information architecture ensures maximum availability of information to users, easy navigation and low foot print applications. Compliance to open standards and use of platform neutral development language facilitates easy configuration, upgradation and integration with existent deployment environment.

Sales force automation application features

Offline Processing

Access to multiple information access

Remote synchronization

Seamless Integration with legacy systems

Cost effective solution

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Most Sales Force Automation software (referred to as SFA, hereafter) installations were designed for the desktop or laptop and were not easily accessible by PDA's. Information intensive sales applications have to render to rich feature and display on handheld device, keeping in mind the sales representatives / sales representatives. Moreover, sales professionals on the move need access to numerous sources of information beyond the SFA application, including information from accounting systems, inventory systems, Intranet applications and Internet content. SFA applications attempt to serve two different user bases: Sales managers and sales representatives, who have varying requirements.
Our partners have developed a PDA-based Sales Force Automation application to cater to different verticals. The sales representatives use Pocket PC to record orders. The order details are sent to the back end System in real time over a GPRS Network.

Benefits of using Sales force automation software

·          Increased sales force productivity

·          Helps improve customer satisfaction

·          Increased return on SFA investment

·          Streamlined business processes

·          Integrated corporate mobile strategy

·          Understanding of demographics of a customer's location, tailored service offerings based on demographic profiles, services the customer is most likely to purchase

·          Instant answers to questions about service availability

·          Provide automation of customer assignments and field accessed decision support

PRAMISOFT recognizes the unique needs of distributed Sales Force operations. Our global focus and client roster has put PRAMISOFT into the forefront of developing solutions that connect, inform and support the mobile sales force. From casually connected sales people, to central office sales executives, our solutions serve the unique needs of sales organizations world-wide.

Key features of the Sales Force Automation Solution include:

·          Distributed data collection applications with advanced replication capabilities to central locations

·          Database mirroring applications that provide world-wide access to critical data

·          Support for mobile computing including Lite clients for laptops and PDA portals for the Palm and CE platforms

·          Advanced reporting, query and information delivery options

·          Integrated opportunity management and account management functions with customization capabilities

·          Localizations for global access including multilingual and multi-currency support

·          Deep integration into standard office packages like Microsoft office and open API's for traditional ERP system


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