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Pramisoft Solutions is a Minority Women owned organization based in New Jersey. The key element of Pramisoft is the team of highly qualified and experienced software professionals trained constantly on the latest technologies with more than 40 years of combined experience in delivering high quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.


PRAMISOFT migration services help customers by transforming their legacy information systems into strategic enablers that support the growing needs of their businesses. Our services can help reduce the costs of maintaining and upgrading existing applications. We offer customizable service levels to meet your organization's unique needs and goals, including coverage for different time zones.

The need for migration of applications or databases in enterprises arises from changes in business demands or technology challenges either to improve operational efficiency or to manage risk. Many enterprises are straddled with the challenge of ensuring that investments in legacy systems do not get locked in proprietary and outdated technologies while migrating to newer systems. The need is to preserve established business rules and practices in the old system at the same time managing valuable human resources locked in maintaining legacy systems.

Enterprises face relentless pressure to migrate the legacy platforms to retain their competitiveness. The business challenges that make migration crucial are as under: -

      Enterprise resources are locked in maintaining legacy platforms

      Competitive disadvantage with legacy platforms from latest technology.

So, your enterprise requires a right migration strategy to eliminate high maintenance costs and lower productivity- related to lack of interoperability etc., associated with legacy systems while allowing you to leverage the benefits of more recent platforms such as gaining access to the next generation technologies. These technologies help you to significantly reduce time to market and maximize productivity while reducing costs by providing seamless working environments through advanced collaboration tools.

However understanding the problem and knowing the solution is not enough. Getting there is most critical part of a successful migration strategy. While enterprises have a range of options such as rewriting or buying new products for the target platform, the only alternative that allows the enterprise to leverage the investments in the legacy and the benefits offered by the next generation technologies is Platform Migration. Furthermore, new interoperability tools and technologies are available today that don't require the enterprise to abandon investments in existing applications and infrastructures. Thus, reducing the initial investment required to jumpstart the evolution.

Our Migration Assessment expertise provides an accurate & timely inventory of all impacted applications, defines migration issues by count & severity, and outlines a delivery plan to complete the migration. There are 4 key steps of the migration strategy:

    Planning, risk, and requirements analysis

    Versioning control and library definition customization

    Build system and code migration

    Detailed testing and debugging

Our Enterprise Platform Migration Methodology allows you to achieve this by helping you develop an effective enterprise application evolution strategy. The Enterprise Platform Migration Methodology provides a framework for assessing the existing application landscape, identifying issues and risks in a well-defined and structured manner and developing a migration strategy and realistic implementation plan that can be executed successfully. It provides a step-by-step process that navigates the enterprise through this evolution

Migration Challenges

    Maintenance problem, complex architecture, difficult to deploy.

    Support certain new platforms as the clients have adopted them as standards

    Technology obsolete, difficult to find resources

    Scalability problems

    Business logic mix-up

    Integration problem with other systems

    Difficult to upgrade the system for new user requirement

The transformation from an existing legacy system to the latest version is a great leap into the future. This change is not only about replacing the process handling tools but also re-writing many of the business processes. Naturally, reformation like this demands a structured, organized and integrated approach.

The PRAMISOFT Migration Methodology consists of a series of progressive steps that have been tested time and again for accuracy and success. Our Migration strategy is based on the PRAMISOFT Migration Methodology. This methodology focuses on the people, processes and technological aspects of migration effort.


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