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Pramisoft Solutions is a Minority Women owned organization based in New Jersey. The key element of Pramisoft is the team of highly qualified and experienced software professionals trained constantly on the latest technologies with more than 40 years of combined experience in delivering high quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.

Pramisoft offers proven methodologies and true cost cutting measures that give manufacturing enterprises the best business results for their technology investment .we create designs, deployed in a modular and scalable fashion with flexibility of re-configuring & integrating existing applications in cost-effective manner. This ensures a seamless integration of key business & production functions across all critical interfaces.

Less data entry and errors

ERP organizes all of your company's information into one, centralized system. This means that there is no need for different departments to re-key information and less need for manual paperwork, thus reducing the potential for errors.

Cut operations costs

Complete visibility of your Key Performance Indicators on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis can provide graphical, complete, up-to-the-minute information of exactly what is going right and what is going wrong with your business before it is too late to make adjustments. Seeing exactly where your money is going is the first step to cutting costs, and Pramisoft ERP provides this information both at a summary level and at the detail level.

Increase throughput

Seeing upcoming bottlenecks before they happen is the key to increased throughput, and the Pramisoft Shop Status does that in a very visible, graphical mode. More efficient scheduling on the shop floor also reduces downtime and overtime.

Reduce lead times

By providing up to the minute information on your vendor's performance as well as your upcoming materials requirements, you are able to select the appropriate vendor(s) and provide them with information they need to meet your requirements. An on-line RFQ system that is fully integrated with e-mail allows you to e-mail RFQs to your vendors, select the appropriate bid, and automatically feed that information into the quote system in one easy step. By adding visibility and controls into the shop floor, manufacturing lead times can be greatly reduced. Visibility into future problems will alleviate bottlenecks, allowing a much smoother throughput.

Improve on-time delivery

Detailed shop floor and material reporting shows visually where any bottlenecks and/or problems in your supply chain and on your shop floor may be approaching in plenty of time to correct them before they cause a delivery problem. In addition, specific data as to when materials can realistically be shipped are available during the sales order process to ensure that feasible dates are given at the time the order is placed, so that you are not chasing an unrealistic timeframe.

Reduce purchasing costs

By forecasting demand to suppliers, taking better advantage of quantity breaks, and tracking vendor performance with Pramisoft ERP, you can get the best prices from your vendors.

Reduce inventory

By providing complete, real-time inventory analysis and just-in-time material information, you can order what you need when you need it, without needing to stockpile inventory "just in case". Automatically calculated, adjustable safety stock and surplus levels allow you to keep your inventory within the parameters you set while keeping inventory carrying costs to a minimum.

Increase order capacity

Capable to Promise allows you to provide your customers with realistic timeframes in which orders can be placed; there is no guesswork about what the schedule can allow. Complete visibility into your shop floor allows you to see exactly where you have untapped capacity, and therefore better utilization of the shop floor is available. Quick order taking and an on-line configurator increase the efficiency of order processing. Web catalogs can also be employed to put order taking directly into the hands of your customers.


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